Naimal Khawar Captures Cute Selfies With Her ‘Little Man’

Fans simply adore this mother-son duo.

Popular showbiz diva Naimal Khawar melts fans’ hearts everywhere with an adorable selfie with her son Mustafa. Fans love seeing this mother-son duo take cute clicks together.

Hamza Ali Abbasi - Naimal Khawar

Naimal Khawar Abbasi is not just a Pakistani actress, she is a visual artist, painter, and social activist. The 27-year-old came into the spotlight with her stellar performance portraying the role of “Mahgul” in the film Verna. Although she has appeared in only a handful of projects, fans mostly know her as the wife of former Pakistani actor Hamza Ali Abbasi.

Naimal Khawar - Hamza Ali Abbasi

The Pyarey Afzal star has retired from the industry to focus on his Islamic teachings and living an Islamic lifestyle. And his wife Naimal followed in his footsteps. However, Hamza still shares lovely clicks with his beautiful wife from time to time.

Aside from taking dreamy couple pictures or fashionable clicks, Naimal likes to spend time with her ‘little man’ Mustafa. The couple were blessed with a beautiful baby boy, Muhammad Mustafa Ali Abbasi, on 30 July 2020. The one year old already has fans gushing over his pictures. From his adorable clicks with his aunts Fazeela Abbasi and Fiza Khawar to playful shenanigans, Mustafa is already a social media darling.


Recently, Naimal and Mustafa took a cute mother-son selfie on Instagram that fans can’t help look over again and again.

What do you think about Naimal Khawar and baby Mustafa’s selfies, will he too become the next big star like his parents? The camera certainly seems to love him. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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