Naimal Khawar’s Son Mustafa Ali Abbas Looks Adorable in a Video

Baby Mustafa has become the new ‘cute’ sensation

If Bollywood has Taimur Ali Khan then we have our very own Mustafa Ali Abbasi aka baby Mustafa. Thousands of fans swoon over this adorable baby and his everyday excursions with mummy Naimal Khawar and superstar dad, Hamza Ali Abbasi. This time we have another video that will just melt your heart away. Want to know what we’re talking about, take a look.

Baby Mustafa’s smile can turn around anybody’s day. Dressed in a cute grey dress, this little bundle of joy is seen enjoying a casual day out.

Cute clicks of Baby Mustafa

However, this is not the only video that has made the fans go crazy. There are several other pictures and videos that are overloaded with cuteness! No matter what the place or event is, Mustafa Abbasi shall always win your heart.

And how can you ignore those cheeks! They seem unreal!

We’re not crying, you’re crying

Now there is a reason everyone is going crazy over this baby. He already seems to be a much bigger star than his dad!

We are in no mood to stop because you just can’t have enough of Mustafa Ali Abbasi. The baby is winning the internet.

And here is a teddy bear version of our most facourite baby. Casually chilling in his mother’s arm, both Naimal and Mustafa make us fall in love with their winter attire.

The Power Couple

Hamza Ali Abbasi and Naimal Khawar got married in 2019 and had their first child in 2021. The couple frequently shares snippets of their life on social media and it seems that they love to hang out together in the park. We often see them enjoying a quiet picnic together and every time we look at the trio, our hearts become full of love and joy.

We hope they keep on sharing more pictures of baby Mustafa because who doesn’t like seeing him every day!


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