Natasha Claps Back at Ali Azmat Over Crude Comments On Her Grandmother, Noor Jehan

Natasha Kundi - Noor Jehan

Following Ali Azmat’s comments about Noor Jehan, it wasn’t just the public that are angered by the remarks. The legendary singer’s granddaughter is even clapping back.

Natasha Ali Lakhani took to Instagram to spell out why the ‘Queen of Melody’ was precisely that. It wasn’t about her personal style, her make-up, her choice of jewelry. It was about her talent as an artist.

“Madam Noor Jehan is a name synonymous with greatness. A woman that did more for her country and her art than most can dream of doing in a lifetime. She received every accolade known to mankind. While leaving us was also rewarded in death to depart for Heavenly abode on the most blessed of days.”

Aside from listing her numerous contributions to art and music, the celebrity make-up artist explained how she isn’t just slamming a certain someone for being disrespectful. The public did that following the rockstar’s remarks.

“I got thousands of you today sending messages of how much you love her and that you want me to say something about what someone had to say about her. To that, I share one of my favorite quotes “What you say about me, says more about you.” When someone expresses an opinion breaking boundaries of respect and decorum they show you that they lack common decency, grace, and humility.”

This isn’t about freedom of speech and your opinion. You can voice your dislike without being rude.

“Respecting someone indicates the quality of your personality. Freedom of expression is qualified for a good reason. It should not be permitted to be used as means of indignation for another / others.
As a society, we have observed our social fabric wither to the whims of egotistical expressions of nothingness, founded in a misplaced sense of self-importance / privilege. For reasons which are incomprehensible to decency and courtesy, humiliating another vociferously is now seemingly justified because “I am allowed to express what I feel”. You most certainly are. But with every privilege exercised, there is a much greater need to observe propriety. Every privilege claimed is accompanied by an overwhelming need to observe caution.”

Natasha Ali Lakhani shared how a certain ‘faded representative’ of the music industry basically just disgraced himself not just with his choice of words for ‘Malaka-e-Taranum’ but due to his understanding of just pop culture.

“Let us a take a moment to disagree with disgraceful utterances from an interview conducted with a now-faded representative of Pakistan’s music industry. Let us take a moment to recognize this person’s unregulated and greatly unjustified tenor and evident lack of intellectual coherence.
When explaining popular culture relevant to his generation, he effortlessly stooped to an abhorrent low. Evidently unable to express himself whilst visually pleased with this demeaning ‘quality’, he did not shudder for a month when discussing a legend, an icon, a muse of all things valued and endeared, a mother. Introspection is at an all time low with such primitive minds.”

She also shared videos that reiterate her point that Noor Jehan is a legend for a reason. This woman is globally acclaimed even today. Years after she could have faded away. That asserts that she is still relevant and so is her art.

Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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