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National Minorities Day: These Souls Deserve Our Thanks and Gratitude

These people made us proud.

August 11 was National Minorities Day in Pakistan, a day that should hold increasing importance in today’s frayed political climate. People belonging to minority faiths are as important to national cohesion as the majority. Their contributions to Pakistan’s prosperity, prestige, and ethos are immense.

The day was covered in various ways and even President Arif Alvi reiterated Pakistan’s commitment to refrain from discriminating against minorities.

One Twitter user in particular, took to his social media profile to compile a thread of all contributions made to Pakistan by those from minority backgrounds.


His thread included people from all backgrounds, music, art and even law. Showing just how important our minority communities are to the fabric of our country and how little we understand their value.



Men and women alike were lauded for all the ways in which their work and contributions have helped our lives. And not all of them were historical figures either. He also included Florence Villiers, the owner of Cafe Flo, which is a fan favorite in Karachi

The list kept growing:



Dr Abdus Salam won Pakistan its first Nobel Prize, and it was good to see his work and efforts being recognised with the importance they deserve






No contribution was deemed too big or too small. Anil Dalpat Sonavaria was mentioned for his role in Test Cricket for Pakistan, even if it was only for a brief interval.



He also didn’t forget the Pakistanis who no longer live here, but are still be a part of our community, no matter what.





This thread serves as both an inspiration and a reminder. An inspiration for all those who seek to achieve the impossible and know that there are people who did it. And a reminder than religion, class or creed do not change who is Pakistani, and that one’s faith should not mean fewer rights. Pakistan was made as a safe haven for those who need it, and it’s time it becomes one.

Written by Anmol Irfan

Anmol is a freelance writer and journalist. She is also a supporter of women empowerment, accessible education and mental health awareness. She has a BA in history from the London School of Economics.


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