Navin Waqar Shares Her Fitness Secrets On Instagram [Pictures]

Here’s what she does to stay fit.

Navin Waqar

Navin Waqar is a former VJ and RJ. She made her name in the Pakistani drama serials in 2012. We all know of her negative role in hit drama series Humsafar.

The 35-year-old is loved by many in the country, a fact that’s also evident from her followers on Instagram.



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People have adored her mostly for her fitness and how devoted she has been to hitting the gym and staying active. A lot of her followers had been asking her to share her routine with them.


Luckily for the fans, she posted a long detailed fitness plan for everyone and finally shared her secret. Here it is:

Navin’s secret is that she focuses on fat-loss instead of weight-loss. Most people do a lot of weight lifting for that, but her workout is a mix of:

  • High-Intensity Interval Training,
  • Tabata,
  • and Circuit Training




Now for the hard part, her diet includes a variety of proteins and good carbs like:

  • Brown rice,
  • Roasted/Steamed vegetables,
  • Chicken,
  • Fish,
  • Eggs,
  • Lean Meat,
  • Snacks like blueberries, sugar free cookies, almonds and dark chocolate,
  • And overnight oats for breakfast



Navin stresses that everyone’s dietary needs are different, and their workouts are customized for their own bodies. And although she takes her duly required breaks; She never gives up!

The key to good fitness and health lies in one’s determination and will to change. It’s okay to eat that chocolate your cousin brought all the way from France and it’s okay to enjoy a little mithai once in a while to celebrate.


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A big plus of staying active and fit is that your skin starts glowing and becomes clearer. So girls (and boys) if you have an unused yoga mat hidden away in your closet, we hope Navin has encouraged you to make use of it!

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