Neelam Muneer Reveals What She Wants in Her Dream Man

The actress also shared her idea of a perfect date.

Pakistani actress Neelam Muneer has been part of the showbiz industry for many years. The talented star has made quite a name for herself with her brilliant performances and beauty.

Neelam has had many suitors over the years but has yet to settle down. Recently, the actress shared her thoughts about what she wants in an ideal partner and much more.

The popular actress is a household name in Pakistan ever since her debut. Her most notable performance was of Ulfat in the hit drama serial Dil Mom Ka Diya. Her brilliant performance earned her a nomination for ‘Best TV Actress’ at the 18th Lux Style Awards. Since then, the actress hasn’t looked back as she continues to soar in popularity, evening making her film debut in the commercially successful comedy-thriller Chupan Chupai.

While she is a very talented actress, it is Neelam’s undeniable beauty and looks that has captivated people. Fans have been curious to know what she wants in her partner and what kind of things attract her. These are some of the questions our ‘awaam’ want to know before they send out ‘rishta aunties’ to Neelam’s home.


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In an interview on GupShup with FUCHSIA MAGAZINE, Neelam spilled the beans on her ideal partner and a dream date. Talking about ideal partners, she shared:

“I notice body language because that’s how you notice about their decency. A human’s body language speaks a lot about them. Someone who can give the right advice and call out the wrong things. A person must have experience in life so that’s very important. How much he gives importance to his family especially his mother and also how he treats my family.”

The actress added that she doesn’t believe in the concept of ‘love before marriage’ and how she has never really considered dating.

“I believe once you are married then fulfill all your dreams. I have never thought about going on dates. Please don’t think I am boring. Honestly, I have never thought about it.”

However, she did share that an ideal date would be a romantic candlelit dinner. Check out the full interview here:


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