Neha Rajpoot and Shahbaz Taseer Spotted Together Amid ‘Cheating’ Rumors [Videos]

The two were spotted mingling at a friend’s wedding.

Popular Pakistani model Neha Rajpoot and businessman Shahbaz Taseer create a buzz on social media after being spotted at a wedding together. The two casually greeted and hugged each other.

Neha Rajpoot is a well-known model in the Pakistani showbiz industry. However, the young model also made headlines on social media with a scandal involving the late Salman Taseer’s son, Shahbaz. His wife Maheen Ghani made accusations against Neha for being a ‘homewrecker’. The allegations against Neha are believed to be the reason why Shahbaz and Maheen got a divorce.


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In a recent interview on Instagram, Maheen Ghani gave her answer about Shahbaz cheating on her with Neha Rajpoot.

“To each their own I guess and whatever makes them happy. Though I do hope that this trend of certain models with married men and vice versa changes,” Maheen said. “I wish them peace and healing.”

Not one to sit back, Neha Rajpoot also came forward with her own response.

“It’s easy to point out fingers at people who stay quiet. Well, there is always two sides to a story. Just because someone is quiet doesn’t mean they are wrong,” Neha said. “I’m amazed at how it’s so easy for people to put the blame on at models, calling them ‘homewreckers’ and totally disregard the housewives who, when their husbands are away for long, cheat left, right and center, and then blame the man for moving on. I rest my case here, and I wish her peace and love.”

There is definitely tension between the two and the debate whether something is going on between Shahbaz and Neha only got more intriguing. Recently, Neha and Salman Taseer were seen together at a wedding. The two briefly but casually greeted each other and even sat together. Check it out!

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