Netizens Feel ‘Akhir Kab Tak’ Tells Us Rape Victims Must Die In The End [Reactions]

Akhir Kab Tak

Drama serial Akhir Kab Tak garnered much praise for raising a number of social issues but most importantly how when parents don’t communicate with their children that leaves them more vulnerable to exploitation.

As we follow the story of Fajar (Srha Asghar), and her sister Noor (Ushna Shah), a strong woman forced into a parentification role for her mother (Javeria Abbasi), and sister as their father (Shahood Alvi) fails to provide the stability they need.

It’s this vulnerability that leads Fajar to become a rape victim that didn’t even report the crime and continues to be blackmailed by the culprit, her former teacher Zafar (Azfar Rehman). Despite a very supportive husband Saim (Haroon Shahid), and a good therapist in the latest episode of Akhir Kab Tak we see Fajar commit suicide.

Netizens are done with the drama serial as Fajar dies following the suicide attempt.


As we see the girls’ father come around and acknowledge his mistakes and grow from them, the drama serial kills hope. We seem to be getting the message that the only end for rape victims is to die. If not from shame then guilt.



At this point, it was really just the powerful cast holding the drama serial together as Netizens called out the writer and creator for the regressive move.



To say Netizens are heartbroken is an understatement.

Aside from the central subject of sexual violence, we saw Akhir Kab Tak address other more subtle and overlooked issues like oppression and neglect that are often brushed under the carpet.

This includes forced marriages, consent, toxic relationships, joint family system, the vitality of female education, the importance of mental health. However, the latest development again sent the message of how women must sacrifice and lose in the face of injustice.


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