Did Zahid Ahmed Apologize For His Role in Main Na Janoo?

The whole story.

Actor Zahid Ahmed is known for taking on thought-provoking and versatile roles. However, it seems like he’s not too happy with his recent choice.

The actor apologized to fans for choosing a script ‘blindly’. While we still love his acting in Main Na Janoo, most people weren’t impressed with how the story unfolded. The plot development was weak, with unnecessary violence.


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Even Zahid Ahmed’s ‘Nain‘ was not immune to the abrupt senseless plot twists, as we see his violent side come out. So when a fan called out how horrible the drama was, Zahid actually apologized.

It all started with an Instagram post.


A fan commented under Zahid’s picture that;


“Thank God there weren’t 58 episodes of the drama”,

Zahid Ahmed
Fan jokes about how bad drama serial ‘Main Na Janoo’ was


Zahid responded with,

“I apologise to the nation for this drama…next time I won’t read the script so ‘blindly’.”

Zahid Ahmed


More About Main Na Janoo

Zahid Ahmed’s recent drama Main Na Janoo cast him with Sanam Jung, Affan Waheed, and Komal Aziz Khan. All of them play cousins in a dysfunctional family.


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Zahid plays the role of a blind military retiree, Zulqarnain or ‘Nain‘. Most people fell for his character and still powered through the drama.


The story was dragged and poorly developed across 37 episodes. The unnecessary violence did nothing for script development. In fact, it seemed to just normalize violence in a ‘loving relationship‘.

Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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  1. It was not a bad drama at all.i dint know y ppl r not liking it. Infact meiin na jano had a different script!
    Loved sanam’s jung n zahid’s acting!

  2. Though It wasn’t a bad script, but it was unnecessarily prolonged with repetition of same dialogue and scenes. I think the drama writter should start following the old is gold trend, that is a drama shouldn’t cross the limit of 15 episode with a good story line.

  3. It was amazing script infect zahid Ali be is darma main apni blindness ko apne weeknees nhi bani apni strong point bani it is awesome or andha hone k bawajod woh sub dekh sakta hai. Weldone my hero I love u

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