Netizens Slam Pakistani Celebs For Mourning Queen Elizabeth II

queen elizabeth

As Queen Elizabeth II passed away and many over the world recalled her reign, plenty of Pakistani celebs offered condolences. This led many of them to be trolled.

Queen Elizabeth II is the second longest reigning queen in the history of Britain. The first was Queen Victoria. As she recently completed 70 years on the throne and there were huge diamond jubilee celebrations for her. She died at the age of 96 on Thursday.

Many around the world especially  the United Kingdom offered sympathy as the British monarch’s son Prince Charles now King Charles III ascended the throne.

So when celebs from the subcontinent also ‘mourned the loss’, people called them out.

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth


The House of Windsor has a colonial history from colonization, to looting and plundering global wealth, and cultural erosion. London’s biggest treasures are made up of the world’s greatest treasures taken from Asia and Africa.

Given their reluctance to address their colonial past, the House of Windsor is still looked up by many as a former colonizer.

So when Pakistani celebs went on and started posting stories and statuses for the Queen’s death. Netizens slammed them.


The backlash ranged from humourous trolling to straight-up calling people to educate themselves.


People started trolling these celebrities given all the controversies the British monarch was marred with over her 70-year reign. This includes various allegations of racism, supporting neo-imperialism, sexism, and much more.


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