Netizens Troll Ahad Raza Mir With Hilarious Memes

Social media users started photoshopping the actor into Saboor and Ali Ansari’s wedding.

Who says actor Ahad Raza Mir was not at Saboor Aly and Ali Ansari’s wedding? Some “dedicated” netizens have found photographic evidence of the Ehd-e-Wafa star attending his sister-in-law’s wedding.

Here are a few “exclusive” pictures of Ahad being part of the wedding festivities, standing guard over Saboor and Ali to make sure nobody disturbs the newlyweds during their intimate moments.

It may appear that Ahad is missing his legs, but that’s just the angle of the picture.

Putting aside rumors of separation, Ahad even took the time out to take Sajal on a jet ski adventure! is this not ‘husband of the year’?

And his clothes got soaked due to the water, hence why he is wearing a jacket in this picture. Case closed.

All jokes aside, it appears that not everything is peachy since we have not seen Sajal and Ahad together, especially at family events. Recently, Sajal’s sister Saboor Aly tied the knot with Ali Ansari. Ahad Raza Mir was, again, not present. With rumor speculating a divorce or separation between the two stars.

In the meanwhile, a picture of Ahad Raza Mir went viral on social media. Ahad was seen attending a different wedding along with the rest of the Mir family in Dubai. Netizens are furious with the actor, bashing him online for not being with Sajal Aly. The keyboard warriors took to the comments to insult the actor for being a “bad” husband.

We certainly hope things get better between Sajal and Ahad Raza Mir.


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