Netizens Troll Javeria Abbasi And Her Daughter For Dressing ‘Inappropriately’

The moral-brigade needs to calm down!

Javeria Abbasi is best known for always doing roles as strong characters in different dramas. The actress was even nominated for the Best Actress Award at the Lux Style Awards for Najia. There has always been a variety of diverse roles she has portrayed on screen.


The well-known TV actress who was once married to actor, director Shamoon Abbasi. The two even have a daughter together, Anzela Abbasi.

Much like her mother and her aunt (Anoushay Abbasi) Anzela is also an up and coming actress. Not only that, she is a sought-after model as well with various brands using her muse to promote their fashionable collection.

Recently, she had her birthday with family. Her mother, Javeria, took to social media to share a few glimpses from the intimate birthday celebrations. She even wrote a heartfelt caption, calling Anzela as the “most beautiful baby girl in the world.” Check it out!

However, fans are not too keen on sending Anzela birthday wishes, but rather school the young diva for not dressing “appropriately”. Anzela is wearing a sleeveless top with her abdomen showing. Which, as we all know, is a big “no no” for any celebrity in Pakistan. The public is outrage over the Anzela “exposing” herself. Fans took to the comment section to bash the actress and her mother for being immodest.

Of course, the criticism wouldn’t be complete without at least one commenter phrasing this iconic line. Here it is!


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