Nimra Khan’s Husband Confirmed Their Split [Video]

Nimra Khan

While Nimra Khan is holding her silence on her marriage and divorce rumors, Nimra Khan’s husband isn’t. The British policeman took to Instagram to finally put our curiosity at ease.

Alif Allah Aur Insan actress Nimra Khan got married in a hush hush ceremony during the lockdown. While initially, the Khobseerat starlet was sharing a lot of social media PDA, later she deleted all pictures with her husband.

This made people question what Nimra Khan’s husband might have done to prompt this reaction.


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This also sparked divorce rumors, which Nimra Khan refused to talk about. Some even speculated that Nimra Khan’s husband was abusive.

However, now Raja Azam, her husband has a lot to say about the marriage and Nimra Khan. In his Instagram livestream, the British-Pakistani confirmed that they are divorced.

“We are divorced, we are divorced. I divorced her because I wanted to, I am old enough.”

When asked why he said;

“I got rid of her. She was a headache, a proper headache.”

He shared that they weren’t compatible.

On the other hand, the Mera Khuda actress held her silence on the matter, even when she was proded about the personal issue on a TV show recently.


Nimra Khan Opens Up About Her Marriage For the First Time

Based on her ex-husband’s rude choice of word, the starlet isn’t missing anything. Yet he even asked if he came to Pakistan who would show up to meet him, as though he has some sort of fanbase now.

Some of the Netizens in the Instagram live session also asked others to stop asking about Nimra and digging into her and Azam’s personal matter.

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