Noor Bukhari Alarmed at Pakistan’s Growing Halloween Culture

She fears that it may eventually become mainstream culture.

Halloween was celebrated around the world with utter pomp and show last month, and is a rising trend in Muslim countries as well. While Pakistanis have been known to celebrate it for years now, and Saudi Arabia had a full-scale public Halloween event, Muslims around the world are concerned about the non-Islamic trend. One such person is the Pakistani actress Noor Bukhari.

She shared her thoughts and dismay on social media, saying that the extent to which Pakistanis are celebrating Halloween is quite alarming.

According to her, it shouldn’t be celebrated as it will eventually become a part of Pakistani culture.

A large number of netizens agreed with Noor Bukhari and pointed out that even a large number of expatriates have never celebrated it despite living in countries where it is common.

Others claimed that only the country’s elites celebrate Halloween, which is why there is a low chance that it will become a part of our culture.

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