Osama Tahir Launches His YouTube Channel

Different and unique content for fans.

Osama Tahir

It seems like YouTube and vlogging is the new cool, especially among young actors. With millions of new faces joining the world of traditional vlogging every day, we’ve lost track of a number of Pakistani actors and actresses signing up to on the video-sharing platform. The latest addition to the vlogging scene is actor Osama Tahir.


The young actor recently revealed the launch of his YouTube channel. What’s interesting is that Osama promises to make his content different and more entertaining than other usual vloggers.

“So I’ve been wanting to start my YouTube for a while, but I didn’t want to blog about my daily life or just talk about my work -my life isn’t that exciting and ask any actor, #setlife is boring – so what I needed was a show, something episodic, something that is creative and engaging,” said the Ruswai actor.


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Moreover, the actor hinted at how the channel might have live game shows, as suggested by one of his fans on Instagram Live.

“Literally within 2 hours, this unrefined game called Sketch Live was created. The first episode is up very soon the winner episode will be up too. And the second episode will be recorded this week.”

According to Tahir, the first episode that came out last week got the maximum audience he could have asked for. Maybe this is because he, along with other content creators, are looking to produce material that would require minimum production time whilst ensuring the best entertainment for people sitting at home. He also aims to be unconventional, engaging, and creative with his content.

Along with live sketches, he will also be introducing other non-scripted and episodic shows. Check out his channel on YouTube:


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Written by Sher Alam


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