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Paiman Launches Koel Art Gallery, Features Works From Various Artisans

Paiman celebrates the art of extraction, unwinding the goodness. A venture that unlocks the gateway to nature!

With all the chemically-altered offerings in the market, Paiman feared that the traditions of using pure, organic, hand-pressed herbs and oils had been lost to the world.

Sahar Masood, (founder of Paiman) said,

“It is a Persian term which means promise.”

She added, “Sometimes magic is not about being unreal, sometimes, it’s just about being real.”

The venture supports the hard work of the labour and method used for procurement, promoting the artisans and the legacy, passed down through generations of mothers and grandmothers, carefully preserved by the wise hands of artisans.

It is a brand that aims to introduce and represent local culture, traditions and organic beauty regimes around the globe.



The Big Bird at The Next I/O, Jehan Ara, said,

“Sahar has been working tirelessly on perfecting her products for over a year now and the end result is just beautiful.”

She added,

“Congratulations Paiman for making an effort to provide natural solutions to a world succumbing to chemical solutions for instant gratifications. We need more startups focused on promoting a healthy and natural lifestyle, if we truly want to improve the quality of our lives. Wishing Paiman all the best for the future.”



The main objective is to establish the forgotten values, by giving the evidence of purity for the first time ever, pouring the essence of transparency. A business venture that celebrates the art of labour, embraces the production process, and educates people about the benefits of using pure herbs and oils. Above all, it promises the quality of produce. Paiman is a reflection of many stories, it restores authenticity and the aroma of nostalgia.

To learn more, visit Paiman’s website, an interactive digital experience that leads on and a must checkout. You can also visit their Instagram here.

The post launch event is scheduled to be held at Dolmen Mall – Clifton from 12th till 16th February, 2020; where the customers, for the first time, can discover the lost magic.

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