Pakistani Bride ‘Shines Bright’ in LED Lehenga

Now that’s Lit!

A young Pakistani bride has gone viral with a unique LED lehenga that ‘lit up’ social media.

When it comes to wedding fashion, brides often strive for a look that will make them shine on their special day.

But one Pakistani bride took this to a whole new level by quite literally lighting up her wedding. The dulhan in question, Rehab shared a video from her Mehndi ceremony on Instagram, proudly showcasing her radiant outfit.

She revealed that her innovative lehenga was designed by none other than her husband himself. In her caption, she humorously stated,

My dress designed by my sooper dooper husband who always wanted his bride to shine bright with lights on his Big day 😁 I was told that people will make fun of you, but I wore it proudly, as I know no man did such kind of effort for their bride 🤪

The video quickly went viral, with netizens having a field day reacting to the bride’s illuminated ensemble. Memes and witty comments flooded social media platforms, celebrating this out-of-the-box fashion choice.

Here are a few more snaps of the LED lehenga.

One user couldn’t resist making a light-hearted jest, saying, “Her husband must be an electrician!🤣” It seems that this groom’s expertise extends beyond just marriage.

Considering the rising costs of electricity bills, another user playfully speculated, “The father of the bride or maybe the groom is going to have a heart-attack when he sees the electricity bill.” Indeed, this wedding might be remembered for more than just its dazzling fashion statement.