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Pakistani Comic Book Series “Pasbaan Legion” is Ready for Launch [Video]

Check out the characters in a new teaser video.

Pasbaan Legion

Great news folks, we finally have a release date on the Pasbaan Legion comic book. The creator Umair Najeeb Khan went all out with the teaser he posted on his social media handles.

The team is now at 12 people from all provinces and major cities of Pakistan.

  • Marvi, the vigilante by night and school teacher by day
  • Sofiyan, a Seraiki time traveler, sandman and humanitarian.
  • Bazira, a Pakhtun hacker and psychic.
  • Afsoon, a shapeshifter from Gilgit-Baltistan focused on environmental preservation.
  • The twins Shahvez and Shahnawaz from the twin cities Rawalpindi and Islamabad,  who have electrokinetic powers and are polar opposites.
  • A Baloch swordsman Omran, who is an ‘Earth-bender
  • Lahori woman Haajar, a Punjabi super-mom with super strength
  • Aazam, a Kashmiri healer and poet
  • Hazara Balochistan’s Samaa, an engineer with wind control abilities in the family
  • Divya, with the power to create portals, but lost her memory in the desert of Thar
  • Karachi’s hero Balaj, who can control matter and objects with his mind



Meet Umair Najeeb Khan And His Band of Pakistani Superheroes

Here’s a look at the teaser that has crossed 12K views at this point.


Now despite the Pasbaan Legion release date scheduled for December 2019, fans still need to contribute to keep things on track Last we checked, the 25-year visual artist Umair Najeeb Khan intended to grow this project to an animated series. Maybe even a live-action adaptation.

To accomplish this, Umair has come up with a Kickstarter to fund this project. People who contribute to the cause will be awarded with perks.


Pakistani Artists Are Showing Off Their Cool Artwork for #SouthAsianArtists

These perks include one of the first copies of the comic book and an invite to the launch event. The comics are all set to release in December this year.

Umair Najeeb Khan made sure to mention his small team that helped him make this happen. He credits co-writer Iman Sultan and Umer Farooq, the man behind the soundtrack in the 40 sec teaser. He also thanked some collaborators.

Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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