Pakistani Mango Seller’s Epic Waka Waka Rendition Goes Viral

“Mirza Ghalib if mango was his Mehboob.”

In the bustling streets of Attock, a local mango seller has become an unexpected internet sensation with his extraordinary talent for serenading customers with his own rendition of Shakira.

A video capturing his “unique rendition of the Latin pop star’s hit song, “Waka Waka”, has taken social media by storm.

The now-viral clip has garnered millions of views, leaving netizens in fits and Shakira, most probably, crying in the corner.

The video was captured by a local who shared it on Instagram with the caption,

Only Attock has this type of talent.

Within a short span of time, the video has amassed millions of views, igniting a wave of amusing reactions across social media platforms. Twitter users couldn’t help but express their awe and amusement.

One user likened the mango seller’s performance to “Shakira in multiverse.” Another user playfully quipped, “Mirza Ghalib if mango was his Mehboob.” Here are a few more hilarious reactions to the viral video.

The viral video serves as a reminder that talent can emerge from the most unexpected places, bringing joy and entertainment to people’s lives.

While the mango seller’s identity remains unknown, his unforgettable performance has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the hearts of those who have witnessed his musical magic. It won’t be long till this youngster from Attock becomes the next viral celebrity, appearing on Nida Yasir’s Good Morning Pakistan.