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Pakistani Student Finds Support From Hrithik Roshan Over Speech Impediment

The Bollywood star won the hearts of people on social media for his sympathetic response.

Mega celebrities such as Bollywood stars are often considered to be too busy in their own bubble to take time out to connect with their fans and common folks in a personal manner. One Bollywood actor that is an exception is Hrithik Roshan.

When a Pakistani girl tweeted about her cousin’s struggles with stuttering, it struck a nerve with Hrithik who has been vocal about living with a speech impediment.

Twitter user Marium Zulfiqar, wrote about how a professor at a university in Islamabad had discriminated against her cousin for stuttering during a class presentation. She added that her cousin has not been able to come out of his room since that incident.

Marium wrote:

“My cousin who has a stuttering issue, was giving a presentation in his class when the HOD/ lecturer told him ‘if u cannot speak properly maybe you shouldn’t study’ in front of the entire class. He hasn’t come out of his room since this incident (1/2).”

Hrithik has always been vocal about dealing with a speech impediment himself. He responded and wrote:

According to the girl, Marium Zulfiqar, the professor in question is the head of the Bachelor of Business Administration department in National University Of Modern Languages, Pakistan. She also claimed that after being discriminated against, her cousin went back to the professor the next day and said that he would repeat the course if his performance was unsatisfactory. He was then allegedly advised to stop his education by the professor.


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After Roshan commented on the issue, netizens were quick to praise him for his support for the student. Many replied to the Bollywood superstar’s tweet, sharing their own experiences about people struggling with speech impairments.

Roshan has shared how he struggled with stammering since his childhood. Reportedly, the actor said he faced the issue till 2012 and even now, he practices every day to overcome the speech impediment.

What are your thoughts on the matter? How should the professor have responded? What action should the university administration take to care for students with speech impediment? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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Written by Sher Alam


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