Pakistanis Pour in Drama Recommendations For Turkish Government To Air in Their Country

Did your favourite Pakistani drama make it to the list?

It has been 8 months since the Urdu-dubbed version of the first episode of Diriliş: Ertuğrul aired in Pakistan. 8 months and we are still witnessing the indelible mark this historical show left on the Pakistani audience. Within just two months, 58 million had viewed the episode in the country. Now, the number climbed higher at 89 million views on YouTube. Fans and enthusiasts now believe that perhaps it is time we consider which Pakistani drama could garner the same attention in Turkey.

The usual saas/bahu fights and extramarital affairs showcased in dramas has led us nowhere. There are some shows, however, that really stood out the past year. It was the web-series Churails that opened up an entirely new conversation on what the productions could look like in the country. But could shows like this also work for our brothers in Turkey?



A Twitter user started a debate through one of his Tweets. He wrote:


It’s only fair now if Turkish state television airs Ehd-E-Wafa and Erdogan meets with all the cast. Otherwise this iron brotherhood isn’t real.


Take a look at his original Tweet here:



His Tweet garnered a lot of attention, and had Pakistani drama fans listing their favorites. But not all of them were fond of his idea – some netizens believe Pakistan is yet to make a show that could do well worldwide. Others also pointed out the possibility that the two countries might collaborate for an upcoming television show.

But you will have to take a look at these reactions to know what we are talking about:


Public Reacts

Of course a more natural reaction to this Tweet would be something like ‘NOWAY!’. But to our surprise, most of the Netizens were all for the idea. Let’s take a look:


Alpha Bravo Charlie?




This Pakistani drama might do well in Turkey



Only fans of the show will get this next Tweet:









Kaaf Kangna



All of them?



Now, for the Tweets that are against this whole notion of a Pakistani drama airing in Turkey:






Sorry not sorry…



Conditional brotherhood? No, please!



We just want the visa, man!




Good news for those in support of Pak-Turk collabs!





We don’t see the Turkish President asking for Pakistani dramas…



Well, there you have it- a list of Pakistani television series that could, potentially, do well in Turkey. Which Pakistani drama would you add to these suggestions? Let us know in the comments section.


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