Palestinian Photojournalist Motaz Azaiza Crowns As ‘Man of The Year’ By GQ Middle East Magazine

He transformed into a global symbol of courage and humanity.

GQ Middle East adopted a purposeful perspective in curating its ‘Men of the Year’ list for 2023, focusing on individuals who have sparked authentic and meaningful transformations in the region and globally.

Standing out as a symbol of resilience and optimism, Motaz Azaiza, a Palestinian photojournalist, secured the esteemed title, encapsulating the essence of bravery that goes beyond geographical boundaries and serves as an inspiration to millions across the globe.

Motaz, a Palestinian photojournalist, evolved into a worldwide emblem of bravery and compassion, highlighting the significant impact of digital activism. His progression from a humble Instagram following to a global audience numbering in the millions mirrors the compelling stories he captures through his lens.

These narratives have not only captivated but also inspired viewers worldwide, urging them to confront challenges with courage.

GQ Middle East acknowledges Motaz Azaiza as the Man of the Year, a nod to his unwavering courage and the countless others who exhibit unmatched fearlessness in their pursuits.

The editor described Azaiza as someone who “reminds us that no matter who we are or where we’re from, it’s us – ordinary people, men, and women – who have the power to enact the very change that we want to see.”

Motaz Azaiza is a Palestinian photographer and journalist who is covering the ongoing conflict in Gaza. He has shed light on the mass destruction that has taken place in Gaza because of Israel’s attacks and he continues to highlight the suffering of the Palestinian people in this war.