Paresh Rawal Defends Discriminatory Law, Gets Trolled Instead

Babu bhaiyya, this is not right.

Paresh Rawal

While a rising number of Indians are protesting against the CAA, some prominent Bollywood celebrities have come up to add their support against this discriminatory law. However, a fraction of Bollywood has distanced themselves from the issue. But actor Paresh Rawal has formed a league of his own and has come up with a creative way of defending the government. The outcome was not favorable.

Babu bhayya has lost his absolute mind

The legendary Hera Pheri actor took to his social media and tried to convince the masses with geographical facts. He justified the CAA and then shifted the blame towards the ‘anti-nationals’ for Rohingya refugee crisis.

The decidedly poor response from one of the top Bollywood celebrities was enough to attract response on social media. People like Paresh Rawal think that the people are just here to fool around like themselves, and they don’t know what the higher ups are trying to do.

But unlike his assumptions, Rawal received the worst end of the criticism and got attacked for sharing prejudiced opinions.

The Reactions

If we look at the ‘correct’ geographical facts, the total length of the international border between Myanmar and India is not 1769 km, but 1,643 km. In fact, this border is shared with four Indian states, i.e. Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Mizoram, and Manipur. And netizens actually educated him properly.

This guy simply had enough.
He literally said “Get your facts right!”
A disappointed Paresh Rawal fan.
The criticism continued
Rawal didn’t see that coming.


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Paresh Rawal comes to defend himself

Annoyed by the negative comments, Paresh Rawal replied on the thread that people shouldn’t criticize him for his geography facts, but should actually understand the message he is trying to convey.

Everybody knew what message he was trying to deliver, though. Prejudice, anti-national opinions and open discrimination towards the minorities is not something to be proud of. And yet again, Rawal got schooled.

Paresh Rawal got trolled, AGAIN!



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