‘Parey Hut Love!’ Shahbaz Shigri Says He’s Done with Relationships [Video]

The actor has moved on and has a laugh with boys.

Actor Shahbaz Shigri says he is done with relationships and weddings, following the end of his engagement with Aima Baig.

The Aima Baig and Taloulah Mair fiasco has taken the internet by storm. The allegations of cheating made by the British model against the singer has shocked everyone. While Qes, Aima and Taloulah are going after each other on social media, Shahbaz Shigri is distancing himself from all the hoopla.

In fact, the Parey Hut Love star is done with relationships. Before the Aima Baig scandal, Shahbaz talks about his relationship with his friends on his podcast with a hilarious caption.

No more shaadi! Bus! Khalaas!

Recently, in his podcast, Nothing Happens Here, Shahbaz has a laugh with his ‘boys’ Shahzad Sheikh and musician Osama Karamat. During the podcast discussion, Osama cheekily states that let’s not talk about shaadis, indirectly teasing Shahbaz, as everyone laughs.

Bohat shaadi kar li hai meine,” Shahbaz jokes, “I don’t want any more weddings.”

The 34-year-old has a point. He was previously married to Pakistani-American actress Aisha Linnea Akhtar but that ended in a divorce. He then got engaged to Aima Baig.

Two years later, that didn’t work out either, as Aima and Shahbaz called it quits just days before the Taloulah Mair accusations.

“I’ve been in and out of the wringer multiple times,” Shahbaz said. “In terms of like relationships, I’ve lived a multiple lives I think in my lifetime. But I’m for now.”

It is nice to see Shahbaz Shigri enjoying himself and moving on. What do you think? Let us know in the comments down below.


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