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Party Worker Faces Wrath of Official Over TikTok Video

There’s a Tiktok ban in certain cases.


The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), Lahore, has filed up a case against a worker belonging to PTI. As per sources, the party worker was purportedly recording a video of Faisalabad’s divisional commissioner which was then uploaded on the TikTok app. Since the consent of the official was not sought prior to filming his activities, now the party worker has to face the consequences.

Sources also reveal that the FIA had filed a libel case in support of Faisalabad Divisional Commissioner Mahmood Javed Bhatti against the worker, who is known as Ashraf Ali, aka ‘Lucky Kamoka’.

Ashraf is reported to have made the video without the sanction of Javed Bhatti in the course of a meeting being held in his office. He edited the background music and  then uploaded it on social media.

This isn’t the first time the app was found in the wrong hands.


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Hareem Shah’s Case

Recently, TikTok star Hareem Shah was seen recording for the app inside the Foreign Office. In the video we could see her wandering around the office with music being played in the background until she pulled out a chair and sat on it, which is reported to be either the PM’s chair or the foreign minister’s.

This disrespecting act was noticed by the PM himself. He raised a question on how she was allowed to enter in the office and under whose consent did she record the video. Even her fans were not impressed by her stunt.

Lahore High Court seeking a ban on Tiktok

Around two months ago, a lawyer approached the Lahore High Court for the purpose of banning the app once and for all.

According to reports, the lawyer brought forward the fact that the app is a source of spreading vulgarity, nudity and pornography in the country which is poisoning the minds of people.


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“TikTok is a great mischief of modern times. It is destroying the youth and promoting immoral activities,” states Advocate Nadeem Sarwar in his petition.

The Federal Ministry of Law, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (Pemra) have been listed as a party in the petition.

He also told that the app is also banned in Bangladesh and Malaysia as well due to inappropriate content, and also used as leverage to blackmail people.

The plea is yet to be approved by court. TikTok app can be dangerous and fatal as well, as many lives have been lost too while filming videos for this app.

Via: Geo News

Written by Dua Khan


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