Passers-by Catch Man Raping a Minor at the Seaside in Karachi

The man was carrying out his crime at the seaside, in a boat.

Raping Karachi

In another devastating incident that took place in Karachi last week, a man was caught raping a minor. According to police reports, the man was carrying out his crime at the seaside, in a boat.

Reportedly, passers-by were the first ones to spot the man molesting a minor. They proceeded to film the incident in order to get proof. However, when the culprit realized he was being filmed, he escaped.

According to SSP South Zubair Shaikh, the videos helped in identifying the man. And it later aided in making the arrest. Furthermore, a case has been filed against the man, and further investigations are taking place. This news was first reported by ARY News.


A plethora of rape cases

The number of reported rape cases have been increasing- just 3 days ago, another rape case was reported. An 18-year-old was gang-raped and killed at her work in Karachi’s Landhi’s Sharafi Goth area.

A week before that, it was revealed that the culprits in the Momina Larik rape case were her own cousins. The 7-year-old girl from Khairpur was abducted, raped, and killed. Her body was found in a field in Pir Jo Goth.

Reports have been piling up since the start of this year. On 3rd January 2021, a girl from Bahawalpur, Punjab was raped by 6 men. According to police reports, the culprits forcibly entered the house and held her family hostage.

Another girl, a newly-wed bride, was gang-raped on her way back from her parents’ house. She, her mother-in-law, and 3 other male family members had just crossed the underpass on the motorway when bandits attacked them. Some valuables were also stolen.



The ‘Two-Finger Test’

In other news, Lahore High Court’s Justice Ayesha A Malik outlawed the ‘two-finger test’ for virginity on January 4, 2021. Many are celebrating the milestone, but most of us know we need more drastic changes to put an end to these sexual assaults.



We hope that the monsters who lay even a finger on the minors are convicted and given strict punishments. And the man who was recently caught raping a minor at the seaside faces strict actions.




Couple Convicted For Raping Over 45 Minors and Filming Them

Written by Yusra Rafiq


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