#PawriHoRahiHai Fever Hits PTI MPAs in Sindh

PTI’s version of #PawriHorahiHai will make you cringe

Have you jumped on the #pawrihorahihai bandwagon? If not then you are definitely missing out on something because almost everyone in the country has created a version of their own. Some funny, some strange, many bizarre videos have surfaced online but the trend is still going strong.


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Even politicians did not shy away from creating their own candid versions and the most recent one has come from PTI’s MPAs in Karachi. The #pawrihorahihae video was tweeted from PTI Karachi’s official Twitter account.

Catch a glimpse of the video here

#PawriHorahiHai video features disgruntled PTI member

The video is recorded by PTI’s MPA, Shahzad Qureshi, and also features MPA Karim Baksh Gabol. Gabol has been in the limelight due to his disagreement with the party over the nomination of candidates for Senate in Sindh. He even issued a statement against the party. Now the MPAs have made a new move by sharing a video to prove that Gabol is loyal to PTI.

There’s quite a bit of drama in the video as Gabol emerges from behind the MPAs towards the end of the #Pawrihorahihae video like a hero.

Viral video of Gabol that confused everybody

This #pawrihorahihai video was actually a mocking reply given to the opposition by PTI. A few days back Karim Gabol was seen in another video. Apparently, he was running outside the Sindh Assembly with Khurram Sher Zaman to save his life. PTI blamed the Sindh Government for kidnapping Gabol and forcing him to vote in their favour.

PTI then claimed that they have actually recovered their loyal member, Karim Gabol. If you’re wondering that is this an episode from a Starplus drama then you’re mistaken. All of this drama is presented by our very own Sindh Assembly members.

All’s well that ends well, the good news is Karim Gabol is safe and the PTI members are happy. You can cringe while watching this awkward video but there is nothing wrong with having a bit of fun!

Written by Ayesha Aqeel


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