Picture of a Muslim and a Jew Praying Together in Israel Goes Viral

Here’s their story.

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At least some good is coming out of the Coronavirus pandemic. Two Israeli paramedics who were on a prayer break have become famous overnight. An Israeli Arab Muslim and Jew have sat a good example for others.

A picture of them praying side by side has gone viral all over the world.  As one of them said, we’re all battling this. Then why do we hold on to the hate?

On a Tuesday when two Israeli paramedics were taking a prayer break, a co-worker took a photo of them. 43-year old Avraham Mintz, a Jew, and 39-year old Abu Jama, a Muslim, praying together while on duty.


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Avraham Mintz a Jew from Beersheba, wrapped himself in his prayer shawl and faced north toward Temple Mount, while Zoher Abu Jama an Arab Muslim from Rahat, sat on his prayer rug facing south toward the Kabbah.

While their co-worker and the rest of the world were in awe, both men say their joint prayers are nothing new.


Avraham Mintz explained to the New York Times the reason for their back-to-back worship is that their jobs are very demanding. Especially now with medical professionals being on the frontline in this fight against the Coronavirus, they don’t have a second to spare.

“We try to pray together, instead of each one of us taking the time for himself, because we have a lot of situations we’re dealing with right now.”



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Even as we might be on the brink of an apocalypse in our lifetime, many of us still haven’t set our priorities straight. Our biases remain. No wonder we’re soo awestruck by Abu Jama and Mintz’s joint prayers as one faces Makkah and the other faces Jerusalem.

As Zohar Abu Jama said, we’re all battling this outbreak, why not do so in harmony.

“The whole world is battling this,” Mr. Abu Jama added. “This is a disease that doesn’t tell the difference between anybody, any religion, any gender. But you put that aside. We work together, we live together. This is our life.”

During this time, while we keep our own families in mind, let’s pray for a ‘good end‘ as Avraham Mintz did.

“Let me see the end, the good end. Because I know that it’s a good end. And I hope to be there.”

Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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