Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters Stands with Imran Khan: Calls for ‘Fair Play’ in Pakistan

The Pink Floyd front-man also called out the “Military Rulers of Pakistan” and their “Masters in Washington” for fair play.

Legendary Rockstar Roger Waters of Pink Floyd has come out in support for Imran Khan following the controversial 2024 elections.

Despite being imprisoned, Imran Khan remains a popular figure not just in Pakistan but around the world. This was evident during the 2024 elections when Imran Khan’s PTI members won majority seats as independent candidates, with many of them being in jail during the campaigning season.

The election results and Imran Khan’s incarceration has become trending issue worldwide that even got Roger Waters’ attention.

In an unexpected show of solidarity, the renowned front-man of Pink Floyd, has extended his support to the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf leader, through as social media post featuring a montage of the Kaptaan‘s iconic moments as a cricketer and politician.

Accompanying the montage was a powerful caption addressing the military rulers of Pakistan and their “masters” in Washington, stating, “My name is Roger Waters. I am an English musician and a passionate supporter of fair play. What you are doing in Pakistan is not Cricket.”

Waters emphasized the need for Imran Khan’s immediate release from what he described as “false imprisonment” so that Imran Khan could lead PTI in a transparent election. He stressed the importance of having a democratically elected government in Pakistan that truly represents the will of its people, rather than serving the interests of foreign and domestic oligarchs.

This statement from Roger Waters comes amidst his previous activism, particularly in advocating for peace in Gaza.

He recounted how he canceled a concert in Israel in 2016 upon discovering the venue was built on Palestinian graves, opting instead to perform in an agricultural community. During this concert, Waters took a bold stand, urging the younger Israeli generation to pursue peace with their neighbors, a message that was met with a stark contrast in audience response, shifting from enthusiasm to silence.

Reflecting on his visit to the Israeli-occupied West Bank after the concert, Waters highlighted the mistreatment he faced from Israeli border guards and expressed concern about the plight of Palestinians under Israeli occupation. He denounced Israel’s actions in Gaza, referring to them as “genocide,” and condemned the ongoing attacks that have claimed the lives of thousands, predominantly women and children.