Rawalpindi Man Assaults Teenage Wife, Forcing Her Naked Out of Home

The accused had tortured and abused the woman in the past as well.

man assaults minor wife

A shocking case of assault and sexual abuse was reported in Rawalpindi where a man undressed his 14-year-old wife and threw her onto the streets.

Rawalpindi man assaults minor wife

The accused has been identified as Badshah Khan and he is 26. He was arrested from the Malik Colony on Girja Road on Tuesday on the charges of physically and sexually abusing his minor wife.

Saddar Police SHO Inspector Malikullah Yar said that the victim has sustained serious injuries during the attack.

“She has undergone a medical test and we are waiting on a report from the Punjab Forensic Science Agency,” he told.

The victim’s father Yousuf Khan has registered an FIR against his son-in-law, who is also his nephew (sister’s son). He had mentioned that his daughter had been stripped naked and forced out of her home by her husband.

“Their neighbors provided clothes to my daughter before she reached my home,” he stated.



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An investigation is underway

Quoting his daughter, Khan said that his son-in-law had tied her to a bed stand naked and sexually assaulted her before pushing her out of his house. He said that the accused also threatened her that he would make people see her in this state. According to him, the accused had tortured and abused his daughter in the past as well.

The couple tied the knot two years ago but they moved in recently.

“Since the first day of their wedding, the man had been torturing my daughter and recently he sexually abused her as well,” the father said in the FIR.

A day ago, Khan, had complained that he took his daughter for a medical examination as per the case requirements but they were refused service. He also maintained that the suspect’s brother and other family members had threatened his family as well.

He demanded of the regional police officer (RPO) and the city police officer (CPO) to provide them protection from the suspects and serve them justice



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  1. This monster should be punished severely. Afterwards, the people who arranged the marriage should be prosecuted for child marriage.

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