Remember This Cadet from ‘Sunehray Din’? He’s the Commandant PMA Now

90’s kids will definitely remember the classic PTV show ‘Sunehray Din.’

Sunehray Din

90’s kids will definitely remember the classic PTV show Sunehray Din. Directed by Shoaib Mansoor, the drama revolves around our male lead, Safir (played by Saleem Shaikr) who tries to juggle life between his family and life at Pakistan Millitary Academy (PMA).

The show perfectly depicts the courage and valor of Pakistan’s Armed Forces and we see the real-to-reel life transformation of these heroes.

One particular character from Sunehray Din has been making rounds on Twitter. Do you remember the cadet who gives Safir a hard time at the mess? Well, he is our commandant PMA now.

That’s right, Major-General Omar Bukhari who is also the DG Rangers Sindh took part in the filming of this 90’s classic TV serial and netizens are surprised to discover it.



People just began to realize this. But it has been a long time since the drama first aired on PTV and people are even more shocked to find out that Major-General Omar Bukhari was actually cast in the show.

One netizen shared a photo of the DG Rangers Sindh and wrote,

“Still remember watching this on TV. How fascinating … and made me feel really old!”


Time sure flies away! What was your favorite 90’s Pakistani show? Let us know in the comments.



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