Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Danyal Zafar in ‘Tana Bana’

The multi-talented Danyal Zafar will soon make his television debut in a Ramazan series

The younger brother of Ali Zafar, Danyal Zafar is all set to make his TV debut in HUM’s Ramazan play Tana Bana and will also be seen in Mahira Khan’s production Baarwan Khiladi. The actor gave a tell-all interview to Something Haute and touched upon a lot of interesting topics. From his Bollywood debut to going into therapy, Danyal made sure to pour his heart out.

How Uri attacks changed things for Danyal Zafar

Danyal was supposed to start his journey in the entertainment industry under the Yash Raj banner however, fate had other plans for him. “The day they were launching me as the next Yash Raj boy, that is that day all the issue happened,” he said revealing that the film he had signed was Qaidi Band. “The film came out and it did not do good enough business.”


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Despite this setback, the actor did not give up. He continued exploring new avenues to fulfil his dream of becoming an actor. He later auditioned for the popular remake of Aladdin.

“I was in London. This was after the Yash Raj project in 2017. I was in the subway where I saw a poster for the auditions of Aladdin. It was a walk-in audition and I had my flight the next day,” Danyal shared adding that it’s not always about links, contacts, and nepotism. “I walked in, gave the audition for Aladdin. No one knew who I was, yet I got a call,” he said revealing that he got short-listed.

On being Ali Zafar’s brother

On being asked about how having Ali Zafar as his big brother helped me to enter the industry, Danyal gave a very candid reply. “I do accept that I am privileged but I can’t help that he is my brother, it’s a relation I am blessed with.”

He told that he was just 9 years old when Ali’s Channo released. The stardom of his big brother attracted him a lot. However, he continued working in this field because he got a good response. Had he not received love from his fans, he would have never continued.

A multi-talented star

It was interesting to find out that Danyal isn’t just a musician and actor, he is also a great writer. He was the co-writer of Teefa in Trouble. He even studied film at New York Academy and had already written three screenplays while he was studying.

“During Teefa in Trouble a creative triangle was formed between me, Ali Rahim, and my elder brother, we would constantly bounce off ideas and develop the film accordingly. We wrote six versions for Teefa.”

Experiencing grief

Danyal revealed that he did experience extreme grief and sadness. “There were two reasons for my brief, first I experienced the death of my cousin at the age of 18 and became a hypochondriac and I did seek therapy.’

The youngster revealed that the period of grief made him grow profoundly and made him stronger.

You can watch the complete interview here



Written by Ayesha Aqeel


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