Rohail Hyatt is Returning to Coke Studio After 5 Years

The legendary music producer helped launched it 11 years ago.


Coke Studio heralded a music revolution in Pakistan when it first debuted 11 years ago. It shook the music industry in Pakistan, by bringing together old and new musicians under one platform, each of them producing great hits after hits.

One of the people who made this possible was Rohail Hyatt, former Vital Signs band member and music producer. After two lacklustre seasons back to back, Coke Studio turned back to the man who gave Pakistani musicians their mojo back with a great platform. Multiple sources have already confirmed that he will helm the upcoming 12th season.

Rohail Hyatt is back

After two seasons that included Strings, Ali Hamza and Zohaib Kazi, the production team decided to to go back to the basics for the new season and bring back tried-and-tested talent that made it a household hit across Pakistan.

Rohail Hyatt may be definitely coming back, however, that’s all we know about it for now. Information about the show’s format, the artist lineup are still being worked out at the moment.

While we wait for the new season to come back, how about we listen to some of the best of Coke Studio for now?



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