Rosie Gabrielle is Back in Pakistan But Some Fans Are Already Chasing Her Away

She converted to Islam because of Pakistan, and this is how people treat her.

Rosie Gabrielle

Most foreigners don’t even consider Pakistan as a premier tourist destination. Despite being blessed with natural wonders, Pakistan suffers from an image problem. Neighboring India on the other hand, has enjoyed booming tourism. But thanks to people like Rosie Gabrielle, a traveler who toured Pakistan on her bike, the famous Instagram personality says that the experience ended up changing her life. It also earned goodwill for Pakistan’s tourism sector.



In one of her videos, Rosie showed how she was at her lowest point and already struggling for a year before she started her challenging bike journey towards Pakistan. Towards the end of the video, she shared how the love and acceptance she received from Pakistanis changed her perspective on life.



Rosie Gabrielle embraces a new way of life

After embarking on this journey, the Instagram influencer revealed in one of her posts that she converted to Islam. She says that her new faith brought her comfort and liberated her from her previous sufferings. She believes that Islam offers ‘Peace, love, and oneness that one can only dream of having in their hearts’.

After this remarkable tour, Rosie Gabrielle is back in Pakistan and wants to stay here indefinitely. She revealed on her social media accounts that for her, Pakistan is the perfect country to wait out this pandemic.


Seeing as the world continues to go through turbulent times, especially in terms of travel, I’ve decided to sit still for a while and wait it out. I still have a lot of editing to catch up on, and what better place to be than a country I absolutely love and feel at home in❤️ perfect timing to escape the Canadian winters 😜


Take a look at her full post here:


Even though she is excited and completely enthralled to be back in the country where she claimed to have found peace, people are enraged by the picture she chose to post along with her announcement.

Before we get to the comments, let’s take a look at the picture:



Most of the people in her comments section, on both Facebook and Instagram, attacked her. Why?

Many attacked her for the scarf she put across her dog’s neck. Even though it reads ‘I love Pakistan’, people were enraged to see the Pakistani flag on ‘Winston’, her dog.


Here’s what some of the comments read:







After receiving a lot of backlash on her photo, the influencer took to her Facebook comments section to clarify a few points. Rosie explained how she cares for her pet dog like her child, and that wearing the Pakistani flag is an honor for her Yorkshire Terrier.


To anyone who has an issue with my sweet angel wearing the Pakistani flag….
my dog is a beautiful angel of ALLAH, and has all worthiness to wear this flag and ANY flag. It’s next to his heart- which is the same beating heart that is in your chest and mine, which is the same organ of love that God created each and every BEING to have. So WHAT is your problem exactly ?
If you do not treat all creatures and beings as equal to your self, if you think that anyone or any animal is less than you. Then YOU are not practicing true HUMANITY we are taught. You are not being a humble servant.




She also added that the people who are spreading negativity are only embarrassing themselves:

And the foul language and choice of word you use to bash me, only show your true heart and colors. You are only embarrassing YOURSELF and making a fool in front of the word and giving a bad name to Pakistanis. So on behalf of the entire Nation, spare yourself for the sake of their image.

Take a look at her full comment here:



Do you think Rosie Gabrielle’s dog wearing the Pakistani flag is offensive and wrong? Share your thoughts in the comments section.




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Written by Yusra Rafiq


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