Saba Faisal Shares Heartwarming Story About Her Late Mother

The veteran actress got emotional talking about her mother on Good Morning Pakistan.

Veteran actress Saba Faisal shared a heartwarming and amusing story about her late mother’s love for Indian dramas during an appearance on Good Morning Pakistan.

Saba Faisal reminisced about her cherished moments with her mother, highlighting their deep bond and the quirky episode that left everyone amused.

The actress fondly recounted a time when her mother needed crucial medical tests and was scheduled to travel abroad. However, her mother continuously postponed the essential medical appointments, leaving the family concerned.

When asked about the reason behind the delay, her mother confessed her quirky yet endearing secret. She was engrossed in watching an Indian drama and didn’t want to miss a single plot twist, even if it meant delaying her medical tests.

During the talk show, Saba Faisal also got emotional while reminiscing about her late mother. She shared the profound impact her mother had on her life and revealed that her mother was the one person she would confide in about her feelings.

Losing her mother left a void that Saba Faisal found difficult to fill, and she expressed how she struggled to open up to others as she did with her beloved mother.

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Saba Faisal has been in the industry for over a decade. She started her career as a news anchor and later moved towards acting. Fans love her for her performances in hit drama serials such as Qayamat, Raqeeb Se, Uraan and more.

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