Saboor Aly Reveals What to Do If Her Boyfriend Cheats On Her [Video]

What will be her response?

Popular actress Saboor Aly had a fun interview on the popular YouTube talk show Voice Over Man. The Tum Ho Wajah star revealed some interesting facts about herself, including what she would do if her boyfriend cheats on her.

Saboor Aly is a young and talented actress who has quickly made her mark in the showbiz industry. Sister to the already popular Sajal Aly, Saboor has worked hard to establish herself as a future star of the entertainment industry. She has star in many hit TV drama serials and it would not come as a surprise to see her on big screen in the near future.


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Known for her fun and friendly personality, the young actress was recently invited for a casual interview with the very popular Voice Over Man on YouTube. Saboor shared some fun tidbits and had hilarious responses to Voice Over Man’s questions. One question in particular intrigued fans of Saboor, which was how the Tum Ho Wajah star would react if her boyfriend was caught cheating on her. The host asked her:

“What will you do if your boyfriend cheats on you?”

He also gave her some interesting funs such as:

  1. Make a deal. (Like Uzma Khan)
  2. Lots of melodrama and crying.
  3. Take advice from Adnan Siddiqui due to his ‘vast’ experience.
  4. Beat the girl and leave the guy which usually happens.

In response, Saboor was very mature and sensible.

“What is the girl’s fault if your own boyfriend is not loyal. If he accepts his mistake that he was cheating then I will forgive. He will be on his way and I will be on my way,” the young actress explained.

And in the likelihood that her boyfriend doesn’t accept his mistake, Saboor is ready to dish out the beating on him!

Check out the full interview here:


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Written by Sher Alam


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