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Sahiwal Boy Lies Under Moving Train to Win a Bet


Walking on fire is too boring when you have trains. Bizarre incidents never cease to amaze us. And yet another case of reckless tricks and bets has emerged on the internet to blow your mind.

Sahiwal: A group of young boys decided to make a bet of 500 Rs. to make one of their friends lie under a moving train. For a mere sum of 500 Rs a boy, identified as Muhammad Saleem risked his life and went on the rail tracks to lie underneath a moving freight train.

His friends were seen making a video of this daring yet foolish feat. A group of spectators on both sides of the train kept guiding him along the line. Once the train passes, they all rush toward the so-called hero, pick him up and shower him with hugs and praises.

The video has made several rounds on the internet so far.


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Facing the Consequences

After the video went viral, the boy was arrested by Sahiwal police on Tuesday. The Ghali Mandi police lodged a first information report (FIR) against Muhammad under Section 325 (voluntarily causing grievous hurt) of CrPC.

Lesson Learned?

We know that the coronavirus outbreak and the lockdown have caused a state of melancholy across the world and the country. But lying underneath a moving train is not the kind of entertainment you need. And that too, for a pointless bet of 500 Rs.

Stay home, stay safe and don’t make ridiculous bets for reckless stunts.


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Written by Munazza Mehmood

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