Sahiwal Police Tortures Citizen After He Calls for 15 Help

In a strange of turn of events, Sahiwal police tortured a man after he called the emergency helpline.

Sahiwal Police

In a strange turn of events, Sahiwal police tortured a man after he called the emergency helpline 15 for help. Instead of saving the victim, the police attacked him.

The incident was reported in a village near Sahiwal where a resident, namely Ashraf called the police emergency helpline number 15. He called the police after an influential person, presumably Rana Mumtaz tried to occupy his land. Instead of protecting the citizen and providing him security, the police rushed to the spot and started assaulting him.

Ashraf said that the case is pending in the court and he has also taken a stay order of his land from the court. He mentioned that despite the stay order, Rana Mumtaz tried to cut down the trees in his land and sell them.

“When Rana Mumtaz along with his companions reached my land to cut down the trees, I tried to stop them, they threatened to kill me, so I called 15 for help,” he said.

He also said that the Dera Rahim police, instead of protecting me, started abusing and slapping him. Not only that, but they abused his daughter and sisters.

The victim has demanded legal action from IG Punjab, RPO Sahiwal and DPO Sahiwal against those who tortured him.



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