Sanam Chaudhry Enjoys Her Marital Bliss & Motherhood [Pictures]

Still haven’t seen what baby Shahveer looks like

Although Sanam Chaudhry is longer seen on our television screens, her fans still keeps tabs on what the actress is up to.

Based on her social media the Mere Mehrban actress is enjoying marital bliss and motherhood.


Pakistani Celebrities Who Are Best Friends In Real Life

There’s been a lot of teasing between the couple online.


This includes the High Zone merch creator bugging his wife about stealing his chocolates, when the actress was reminiscing about times she shared pure smiles. Sanam posted a throwback with best friend Noor Hassan.

However they do stick together through it all. Sanam even promotes the Somee’s music.


The new mother has her hands pretty full with baby Shahveer. Somee Chohan and Sanam were blessed with the gift of parenthood just recently in October.

Like many other celebs both parents refrain from flaunting their baby boy’s face on social media.


Sanam Chaudhry Throws a Reveal Event For Her Baby [Pictures]

The Khata actress married Pakistani-American rapper back in 2019. The couple was wedded in a low-key ceremony with just family. Since then Sanam has quite the biz.

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