Sang-e-Mah: Netizens Have Mixed Views About The Finale Episode

Audience is not happy with the death of Haji Marjaan and Zarsanga.

The much anticipated Sang-e-Mah has been quite a hit as people avidly followed the drama serial. And opinions about the drama serial’s last episode also blow up online.


The drama Sang-e-Mah is written by Mustafa Afridi and directed by Saife Hassan. Drama has perhaps gained the most popularity and hype of all 2022 dramas before even airing. The plot revolves around a Pukhtoon family belonging to the tribal areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The story is an exciting blend of drama, romance, deceit, ego, and sacrifice.

According to the director, drama is part of a trilogy series, after Sang E Mar Mar the second drama of the series is Sang-e-Mah brought back many from the Sang-e-Marmar cast, however, in new roles. Along with others, one person who gained the most traction was the singer Atif Aslam and his phenomenal acting.

Fans also loved the characters of Marjaan Khan played by Nauman Ijaz and Zarghuna played by Sania Saeed. The chivalrous character of Atif Aslam and his chemistry with Kubra Khan has got the fans swooning over the duo.

After the exciting 26 episodes, the drama finally came to an end with an important message to the masses about the ritual ‘Ghag’ and its effects on the generations. The drama seemed to be going towards a happy ending, especially with a victory for women until the last sequence where Haji Marjaan (Naumaz Ijaz) and Zarsangah (Samiya Mumtaz) are found dead in their room. Other than this twist the people are very much satisfied with the series but this turn of events made the fans deprived of the happy ending they badly wanted.

Here are some of the comments by the netizens on the finale episode.


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