Sania Mirza Gets Real About Experiencing ‘Mom Guilt’

Sania Mirza

Tennis star Sania Mirza gets real about being a working mom. She shared how she feels guilty about missing Izhaan’s ‘big day’ referring to his school graduation.

While the sportswoman took quite some time off work to take care of her baby boy ‘mom guilt’ is real. Sania Mirza had been there for most of Izhaan Mirza Malik’s growing-up milestones. All while Shoaib Malik was mostly on the road working.

Yet, now when she is on the road working as she contends in England, she’s still stricken by guilt for having missed his nursery school graduation. In an Instagram story she elaborated on her feelings saying;

“I am playing in England (working) and my baby boy graduated today, … I wasn’t a part of it and it was such an awful feeling. Unfortunately, we cannot be at two places at the same time. Mom guilt is real guys and it never stops.”

Sania Mirza

Mothers are their own worst critics. To add to that there’s the social expectation for women to neglect themselves as a parent. So Sania Mirza reminded mothers to need to take it easy. After all, parenting is a two-man job, sometimes they need to let the fathers take charge while they chase their dreams.

The Indian tennis star emphasized how important it is for her, and all mothers, to forgive themselves.

“It’s important to recognise it and forgive yourself because no matter what we do, a mother just doesn’t feel like she’s doing enough.”

Sania Mirza also acknowledged that is not a privilege all mothers can avail. It takes a supportive family structure for women to acknowledge that they are human too and have normal human needs outside of being a parent.

“I am so lucky to have a family and support system that still allows me to chase my dreams. Let’ be kind… to others and to ourselves too. So proud of my baby.”


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