Sarah and Falak Flaunt Preparations For Their Baby’s Arrival

The soon-to-be parents just added a baby crib into their bedroom.

Celebrity couple and soon-to-be parents Sarah Khan and Falak Shabir are waiting anxiously for the arrival of their baby. The couple just added a baby crib into their room.

sarah falak


Sarah and Falak are avid users of Instagram as they share personal moments with fans and followers. People love how romantic Falak is with his wife. The singer has made an ongoing ritual of presenting a rose or bouquet of flowers to Sarah at the most unexpected times. Apart from their lovely photoshoots and antics on social media, the couple is always open with their fans.

sarah falak

Every now and then, the popular couple would share romantic moments together on social media. Nowadays, fans are feeling ‘giddy’ that the beautiful couple is soon to become parents. Fans are anxious for Sarah and Falak to break the big news.

sarah falak

We’ve seen Sarah Khan lovingly flaunt her baby bump and her beautiful pregnancy glow. And Falak Shabir took fans on a tour of the baby’s room before its grand arrival. The singer is giddy with excitement as he showcases a very cute room with the baby’s crib, a giant teddy bear, and a closet.


sarah falak

Recently, Sarah made more “updates” to her room, bring in the baby crib alongside her bed. It is obvious the couple are super-excited for the new arrival.

sarah falak

“Sarah surely knows how to welcome our baby. MashAllah,” Falak wrote in the caption.

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Written by Sher Alam


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