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Sarim Akhtar is Back And This Time He Has a Message for Us [Video]

This is good!

Organized sporting events might be a no go this year, but the man from the ‘disappointed man meme‘ is here to make it easier.

The disappointed man meme got us through a lot in 2019, from Pakistan losing to Australia in the International Cricket Cup (ICC) to just everyday hassles.

Now in 2020, we need that kind of moral support more than ever. And who better than the man behind the viral cricket meme, Mohammad Sarim Akhtar, to do it.

Sarim is back, and he wants us to cheer up. The official Twitter account of the Pakistan Cricket Board shared the video of the man behind the famous meme.


Meet The Man Behind The Latest Cricket Meme

Turns out the video is part of an endorsement for the upcoming 3-Test series from August 5-25. PCB asked fans to send love for the Pakistani team.

“Play with pride and passion! The meme fame Sarim has a simple message for team Pakistan. Send in your messages for Pakistan team using #SuperFans (sic),”

It was kind of Mohammad Sarim Akhtar to show support for the Pakistani team. We know how disappointed he was the last time.

Last time hum series barabar kar ke aaye the, is dafa jeet ke ana hai (The Pakistani team is in England for the series, wow what an exciting time. Well, a simple message for Pakistan, play with pride and passion. Last time, it was a draw, this time we have to win).”

He even made a joke about the moment that led him to become the disappointed man meme.

“With a simple message, if the ball is outside off, let it go, let it go.”


These Memes Hilariously Describe What a Disaster The Year 2020 Is

Of course, the video went viral much like his meme. Sarim is actually glad to shake off that meme image of his.

Arey yaar bas kar, ek saal ho gaya hai (Guys, stop it, it’s been almost a year now).”


That was enough to cheer us up for a while.

Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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