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Meet The Man Behind The Latest Cricket Meme

Thank you Zainab Abbas!

Just a few days back, Pakistan and Australia faced off in their World Cup match. The match might not have gone well for Pakistanis, but it sure gave us something to make our loss a lot less painful. We got this disappointed cricket fan, who has given Pakistani social media a new meme. Now we’re wondering who is this guy (legend).

After a long day of mixed emotions, the Pakistani cricket team was batted out of the ballpark in a battle with Australia. Nothing captures that emotion perfectly than this man here:

That moment a ‘disappointed man’ became an ICC 2019 meme

Here was a Pakistani cricket fan who was captured in the stands, looking utterly disappointed as Asif Ali dropped a fairly easy catch.

ICC World Cup 2019’s ‘disappointed man’ immediately became meme food in a matter of minutes. Next thing we know the guy went viral.

The ‘disappointed man’ meme was used to express disdain at everything from cricket to false advertising.

The real question here is who is this guy? Well, sports presenter Zainab Abbas got us covered. The International Cricket Cup commentator Zainab Abbas found and interviewed him to get the real story.


Zainab Abbas Is the First Pakistani Woman Presenter At The Cricket World Cup

The Man Behind the Meme

His real name is Mohammad Akhtar and we finally got the backstory to how he became the epitome of disappointment.

Mohammad Akhtar is a resident of London and he had traveled over three hours to watch the game.

He said what we all thought, ‘how could you drop that piece of cake catch!’

“It was such a straight forward catch so it was really disappointing to see it in front of me being dropped.”

On the subject of being an runaway meme, Mohammad Akhtar says he’s cool with it. He said that couldn’t shout at Asif Ali because the cricketer recently lost his daughter to a fight against cancer.

 “Probably it showed on my face. Because I could see it land on his hand and then he dropped it. So it was really disappointing. But I couldn’t say anything. He [Asif Ali] had just come off a family tragedy so I couldn’t shout at him.”

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Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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