Sarmad Khoosat Drops A Major Hint About Saba Qamar Tying The Knot Soon

Kamli director Sarmad Khoosat drops a cheeky hint about actress Saba Qamar tying the knot soon.

Director Sarmad Khoosat and actress Saba Qamar Zaman are enjoying the critical success of Kamli. It would be appear as the two have become close friends. The two would often compliment and wish each other on social media.

However, Sarmad Khoosat’s recent comment indicates that Saba Qamar may have let the Kamli director in on her secret affair.

“You deserve all the happiness in the world,” Sarmad writes. “Hina kay haathon mein hina,” the Kamli director drops a cheeky hint.

Saba Qamar is the talk of the town ever since she dropped hints of a potential suitor and love interest. Talk show hosts and interviewers have been trying to get the Kamli star to spill the beans on her secret relationship, but Saba has kept her lips sealed. The only person who may have knowledge of this could be Kamli director Sarmad Khoosat, who is also one of Saba’s closest friends.

Directed by Sarmad Khoosat, the critically acclaimed Kamli is a story of love and loss. Amid the subject matter are the inherent weaknesses and conflicts of men and women, and female desire. Time and time again, the director has attributed Kamli‘s success to starlet Saba Qamar.

“The role of Hina required a solid actor for the portrayal of that character and Saba had that personality to do it,” Sarmad once said in an interview.

Fans speculate that working with Saba Qamar has made director Sarmad Khoosat privy to some interesting news regarding the actress’s marriage. What do you think? Stay posted for more updates.


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