Shaista Lodhi Hosts ‘Jeeto Pakistan’ with Ahmed Shah

The two shared some exclusive clicks from the set of the popular game show

Popular actress and TV host Shaista Lodhi makes a special appearance on Jeeto Pakistan. The renowned showbiz celebrity took some exclusive clicks on set of the popular game show. Joining Shaista on Jeeto Pakistan will be social media sensation and YouTuber Ahmed Shah.

Shaista Lodhi is a well-known actress and TV host in the Pakistani showbiz industry. The actress has been part of the entertainment business for a long time. During those times, Shaista had to endure a lot of hardship and difficult times that even took a toll on her marriage.


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Despite the hardship, the 43-year-old is a happy mother to 3 children and a popular TV show host. Shaista continues to enjoy success in showbiz as she gets offers to make special appearances for various reality shows. Recently, Shaista took to social media to share some exclusive clicks from her recent appearance on the popular game show Jeeto Pakistan. The actress and TV host looks lovely in her recent clicks. She is joined by the young viral sensation Ahmed Shah.

Check out these exclusive pictures of Shaista Lodhi and social media star Ahmed Shah from the set of Jeeto Pakistan.

Are you excited to see Shaista Lodhi and Ahmed Shah together as host? Be sure your to tune into the latest episode of the hit game show Jeeto Pakistan and share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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