Shamoon Ismail Doesn’t Know How To Apologize After Making Racist Remark

When will people learn?

Shamoon Ismail

We’re on the verge of an apocalypse with the novel Coronavirus and people still can’t give up on hate and racism. A few days ago, singer Shamoon Ismail shared his racist two cents on Coronavirus, and of course, netizens didn’t take kindly to his remarks.

The Taare singer shared his take on how COVID-19 started because a Chinese person had to eat bats. He even threw in a racial slur, digging himself into a deeper hole. Perhaps he thought it was funny, but no one’s laughing.

Shamoon Ismail
Shamoon Ismail deleted his tweet following massive backlash on Twitter

Following the grand slams on Twitter, the singer deleted his tweet and issued an apology. However, people weren’t buying his ‘simple’ apology.

Netizens didn’t buy the ‘I never mean to be insensitive’ part after the singer dropped a racial slur in his original tweet.


Nor were they accepting the ‘I’m sorry if I hurt you’ apology.

Meanwhile, YouTube vlogger Moroo actually rushed to Shamoon’s defense.

Netizens weren’t accepting the ‘it was a joke’ explanation because there’s nothing funny about a racial slur.



Moroo Makes A Distasteful Joke About Being a Child Molester


Then again you can’t expect any better from someone okay with child abuse jokes.


Soon enough Shaamon Ismail caught whiff of the support and ended up prolonging the issue.

This just led to more grand slams.


One Twitter user suggested he hire a publicist to deal with this PR nightmare.

Others think he’s not that famous anyway.




This Brave Pakistani-Welsh Woman Confronted A Racist By Herself And Here’s What Happened

Seems like cancel culture is catching up to the singer.


One needs to think here. If throwing around racial slurs and propagating stereotypes is still a thing in 2020, how far have we come from the 50s really? Upcoming celebrities ought to know better in today’s world. Do better Shamoon Ismail.

Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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