Shan Baig Tells Fiza Khawar to Leave Pakistan After Her ‘Safe Space’ Rant

The actor didn’t mince his words after Fiza questioned Pakistan’s lack of safety for women.

In a social media storm that unfolded yesterday, actor Shan Baig didn’t mince his words as he responded bluntly to Fiza Khawar’s recent comments on the “lack of safe spaces for women” in Pakistan.

Fiza, sister to Naimal Khawar Khan, had taken to Instagram to express her concerns about women feeling unsafe in public spaces.

Fiza’s post highlighted the challenges women face in Pakistan, where the simple act of walking in a park can be marred by concerns about harassment and stalking. She questioned the normalization of such incidents and pondered why it has become the norm for women.

While her sentiments resonated with some who agreed that Pakistan may not be as safe for women as it should be, actor Shan Baig had a different perspective.

Shan, seemingly frustrated by what he perceived as a broad generalization, left a direct and controversial comment on Fiza’s post:

Move out of Pakistan.

The comment stirred a heated debate among netizens. While some sided with Shan, echoing frustration over what they perceived as a blanket portrayal of all Pakistani men, others condemned his response. One critic wrote, “Men and the audacity they have, had hai!

Another expressed skepticism, stating, “Men who are making fun of this are the ones who are involved in this.”

The exchange has reignited discussions about the challenges faced by women in public spaces and the varying perspectives on the severity of the issue. As social media continues to be a platform for such debates, it remains to be seen whether this incident will prompt a broader conversation about creating safer environments for women in Pakistan.