Shaniera Akram’s Response to Kangana Ranaut Shows Why She’s Our Favorite Bhabhi

Best birthday advice Kangana Ranaut could ever get

Kangana vs. Shaniera Akram

Shaniera Akram is proving Pakistan’s sarcasm game is still going strong. Former cricket captain Wasim Akram’s wife played smart, not hard against odd-baller Kangana Ranaut.

While India has Narendra Modi and Kangana Ranaut for sound bites, we have Shaniera Akram with a savage sense of humor.

When Kangana Ranaut decided to gift herself 10 days of silence for her birthday, Shaniera Akram pointed out that the world needs the gift a bit more.

“Only ten? You just take as much time as you want love…..”

Not only is this hilarious but the brutal truth, we say take a whole vacation of silence. That shot went straight out of the ball-park.

Fans bent over laughing at how savage Shaneira is, and we accept ‘Bhabi G is the Boss’. Even in these days of Pakistani humor burning Indian trolls, this was the perfect cherry on top.

No wonder Pakistan loves her. We love her 606K followers more than another ‘Bhabi’.


No wonder that was a perfect six, fast bowling runs in the family.


Check out Pakistani Bhabi G excellent form, take notes people.


Even if Kangana doesn’t go on a vacation of silence, it’s okay since we’ve got Shaniera Akram.

We do appreciate Kangana going on an extended period of silence as part of her yoga routine. Still, given her recent pro-war rhetoric, we just can’t help but think this vow of silence comes as a relief for us all. Shaniera Akram simply drove the point home for all of us. Even some Indian colleagues of Ranaut will be relieved to hear that.



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