Shoaib Akhtar Is Impressed With This Differently-Abled Guy’s Driving Skills [Video]

Where there’s a will….

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Known popularly as “The Rawalpindi Express” and “Tiger”, Shoaib Akhtar is a name everyone is familiar with. The former cricketer, who claimed the world record as the fastest bowler in cricket, started his rise to global fame as a test player in his hometown, Rawalpindi.

He has since retired from a fourteen year long career in international cricket after the 2011 World Cup. The cricketer also released an autobiography, titled Controversially Yours in September 2011.


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Nothing’s Impossible

Presently, Shoaib is a cricket commentator and a YouTuber. With 1.66 million subscribers, Shoaib’s YouTube channel posts videos in which he provides is insights and opinions regarding cricket. The videos also feature his travels around the world, as well as his interactions and interviews with different people.

Recently, Shoaib posted a video to his Twitter which has gained a lot of attention and appreciation. The clip features a young man with only one hand, riding a motorcycle with no difficulties.

Here is the tweet:



Shoaib praised the young man’s bravery and confidence, calling it a characteristic only seen in Pakistanis, He also prayed that the young man was safe and out of harm’s way.

Shoaib Akhtar’s Youtube Channel is exploding

Additionally, Shoaib has gotten the hang of this YouTube thing pretty quick. No doubt his channel is super popular with fans from all around the world.

Here are some of the best clips from his channel:



It could be great if more Pakistani sportsmen could offer us wholesome content like this. Because well, social media is the name of the game!


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